SDCC 2011 – IDW Panel Report

{mosimage} The IDW panel is currently under way at San Diego Comic-Con! So what's the good word? Here are a few of the key points so far:

Transformers will be going bi-weekly. Jan 2012 will start a two new ongoing comics after the first wraps up in December. Roche and Roberts will be the talent for "More Than Meets the Eyes"! Barber and Griffith are on board for the other ongoing, "Robots in Disguise". And what's this about Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman's #81 coming in 2012?!

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On panel, Chris Ryall, Denton Tipton, Livio Ramondelli, new TF artist, John Barber, Carlos Guzman (TF/Joe editor), and Joe editor Tom Waltz. Mike Costa arrives later.

TF going bi-weekly

#22 & #23 kicking off Prime & Megatron's origins, showing 7-page preview artwork

#24, Costa, Roberts, Livio, in August. Back to Cybertron & "get really crazy". Art is "everything going insane"

#25 kicks off "Police Action" with Prowl. #25 on Earth. #25 pages shown

#125 in December. Added up previous TF books, hence #125

Current ongoing comes to an end, Barber, Roberts, ROche

#125 – Death of Optimus Prime. Usual reactions. XD

January – all digital "Autocracy", bi-weekly, 8-page, Chris Metzen + Flint DIlle, Livio on art

January 2012 all new ongoing – "Robots in DIsguise" Barber, Griffith on art,

Jan. 2012 2nd ongoing "More than meets the eye" Roberts + Roche

Mike Costa – end of Chaos, "almost a finale", launching 2 new series, wanted Roberts and Barber wanted Roberts on TF, Mike decided to step down, told his story

Roberts and Barber up to bat, Mike sticking on Cobra, Mike never thought past the point and realized and hadn't had any ideas so decided to go. Ryall jokes blame Schmidt. Notes that Barber's work on TF film comics works, Barber perfect fit for editor as Andy's leaving
John working with James, asked whether sticking with Andy's plan or new plan. Can't tell too much without giving away Chaos. J&J coordinating their work closely, focusing on clash of ideologies

Tom Waltz on Joe Waltz. Trying get a new Cobra Commander. Whichever Cobra op kills the most Joes. Waltz has military background, realizes Joe has a LOT of characters. Categories the upcoming Joe equivalent to summer popcorn films. 

Brandon Kale is the new artist's name. Recounted a story of how he learned to draw Optimus (when he was 10 years old)

Making new comic tailored to digital, not just scanned and uploaded

Mike talks about artists that can draw TFs real well, but notes some can't draw humans that well. Mike says Kale can draw TF & humans both well, Andy showed Kale's art to Mike 

Digital comics, MAYBE print versions

About Marvel #81: Ryall's seen it, knows the fans' desire, but pointed out the informal poll where Animated had more hands than #81. The poll during BotCon 2011.

About 2 upcoming Ongoing comics: new starting in 2012, picking up where Chaos leaves off and specific reason, NOT a reboot

Does comic art reflects the toys? Occasionally

Carlos points out Guido's design for Guido, but John points out that Hasbro has their own artists, though there is some crossover between artists

Waltz says TF artists makes drawing TFs look easy. Joking about humans versus TF in art

Spotlight Cosmos?! Mike said "used Cosmos to great effect" during 2nd arc in Ongoing. Notes Cosmos is a UFO, so not exactly "robots in disguise". Cut Spotlight because of plans, doesn't quite fit, but it could still happen.

How much does toy influences art, like transformations? Livio joking on Bay's Transformers, but praises on the dynamic transformations. Kale notes that TFs have specific vehicle forms, and he tries to keep it realistic, not so much from toys. 

Ryall said that back on picking up license back in '05, he never wanted to enforce house style. Wanted artists be able to do what they do and bring their own style to the books. 

Joe + TF, so many mini-series + one shots, will there be a chronology of the titles?

On TF, it's the IDW Collections in chronological order. Ryall points out he's not sure how fans do it, because fans have different interpretations on which mini/issue occurs where

By the end of #125, will Bee be Prime? Can't answer that. But they have plans for Bee.

2nd Joe movie coming out, will they do movie adaptation?

Ryall answers they're never forced into adaptations, they go to Hasbro and Hasbro signs off on the projects. 

How much does Hasbro dictate? IDW goes to them with ideas, and Hasbro hasn't quite said no yet. Basically support from Hasbro.

About Original 13: Not immediately, learning about TF history in upcoming stories; Ryall knows that the 13 is big issue for Hasbro. The "original 13" has changed, so "probably get there in some way shape or form". Mike said that they had various ideas about the 13 before Andy left. Chaos got big & they can't do both. Mike still has his notes.

30th anniversary on Joe, like any reminiscent material. Carlos has talked with Larry but Larry has some good ideas. "Nobody forces Larry Hama to do anything".

Thinking about Dinobots, similar problem to Cosmos on "not hiding". 

Asking "Legacy of Rust". Being written, but on sidelines at the moment like the 13. Hopefully in 2012.

Any crossover chance between Joe + TF? Good chance.

About Wreckers, Ryall says Nick likes Wreckers, but it's on John's list. MTMTE issue should please Wreckers' fans. 

Any one-shot to wrap up Dreamwave universe? Ryall says there's enough going on.

D&D question. Interesting on working on it and was on Denton's wishlist. Completely original stories for D&D 

Furman + WIldman #81 ON THE PROJECTOR. For 2012. MAYBE go to #100. Probably joking.

Panel's done!