SDCC 2011 – Hasbro TF Brand Panel Report

{mosimage} The Hasbro Transformers Brand Panel is starting now at San Diego Comic-Con!

Generations Junkheap, Sky Shadow (Black Shadow), Prime Knock-Out, Skyquake, DotM … What do they have to show?

Read on for details from the panel, or follow our live report by clicking here!



San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – Hasbro Transformers Brand Panel

Thursday, July 21st – 2:30pm PST

Jerry Jivoin, Sarah Carroll, David Kunitz, Josh Lamb, Joe Kyde, Hisao Nishimoto 

DOTM, Kreo, Rescue Bots.

Kre-O stuff, Kreons.

Kreo seen at BotCon.
Rescue Bots – Rescue Bots on shelf 8/1

Generations last wave 2011,

Deluxe Junkheap

Deluxe Sky Shadow (Black Shadow?)

Nerf Barricade Optimus SDCC Exclusive 


MechTech – Deluxe Air Raid 

Deluxe Armor Topspin , Dark Steel, Wave 6 Soundwave 

Soundwave's Deluxe 

Soundwave's mechtech satellite dish TF to shoulder weapon

Wheeljack comes with a lot of tools. Mechtech is buzzsaw 

Voyager Wave 4 Cannon Force Ironhide  – Red G1 look

Leader wave 2 Ironhide 

8/1 Ultimate Optimus  talking about SDCC Ultimate Op

HA wave 2 Roadbuster w/ Recon 

HA wave 3 Soundwave / Mr. Gould  with Laserbeak

Cyberverse, Legion assortment – Wave 4 Soundwave, action sets wave 2 and 3; Autobot Ark with Autobot Roller 

Ratchet with Lunar Rover pic shown 

TRU Mission Earth Transscan, MP Rodimus 

Target: Deluxe DOTM Elita 1, Bee, Space Case, Jazz, Leadfoot and Twintwist 

Walmart: Deluxe Optimus, Bee + Sideswipe (numbered versions)

Amazon: Unicron based off '86 ver 

TF Prime 

Deluxe wave 2 Cliffjumper, Wave 3 Vehicon, Terrorcon Cliffjumper

Voyager Optimus

Voyager Bulkhead – "amazing transformation" from vehicle to bot mode and somehow show accurate  

Entertainment Pack w/human trio + Optimus + Megatron

SDCC Prime Matrix Optimus – Showing "wear the Matrix" pic 

Concept art from Prime, WIP stuff shown at BotCon 

Cyberverse Legion Arcee 

Leadfoot W/Target logo, Roadbuster with Amp logo

Wheeljack concept art + 2 swords stick on his back

Cyberverse Legion Bee 

Cyberverse Commander Ironhide 

Concept for Commanders comes with 2 Energon weapons, their own signature weapons, Ironhide gets cannons – have lightpiping

Cyberverse vehicle spacecraft, WheelJack's ship, showing vehicle transformed as battle platform, can hold figures 

Deluxe Soundwave concept WIP  Showing early mold and then working full mold. Laserbeak can clip on Soundwave. Soundwave's WIP vehicle gray and then final model

Knockout WIP gray model, TF bot model

Early art of Wheeljack's TF sequence

Wheeljack's vehicle mode can attach swords to the front like tusks

Skyquake up  – Gray model jet and bot mode, Skyquake's Voyager

Voyager Starscream's early transform sketch  Screamer's gray model jet mode and bot mode with light-up weapon – plug weapon in various points of body, that part lights up

Special guest  Universal Studios Creative President Mark Woodbury about TF the Ride

talking about collaborating with originals, showing Jurassic Park the Ride on working with Spielberg, Cameron on Terminator 3D  Sommers on Revenge of the Mummy, and Brooks on Simpsons

2012 TF the Ride 3D – Roving motion-based ride simulator

"4k projected imagery" 

Working with Bay, ILM, and Hasbro on the ride, like story and lore.

Peter Cullen as Prime, Frank Welker as Megatron 

half a dozen other VAs from throughout the franchise 

"original spirit and heart" 

NEST logo with Autobot face  – NEST outpost in Universal Hollywood, last shard of Allspark

Need humans to protect shard. Morshower informing there's Con breach and help Bots. Assigned new Bot is "E-back" [sic]

Hi Ravage!  Bee smashes Ravage on "car hood" and meets up with Optimus

55-ft media silo to represent Optimus 

Streets of Chicago (piggyback during filming), Blackout-ish Con (again), Evac, Optimus vs Megatron 

Promo vid from the ride, You get sucked into Devastator!

Spring 2012

Live site:

Evac concept WIP – TOY concept art! – Gray model, Cyberverse Legion & Deluxe

Q&A starting 

Generations a good segment, plan to continue 

Any chance of more WfC figures?  – Nothing announced yet, "stay tune" type of answer

Between DOTM release, talking about lateness on certain figures like Warpath – They're working on it and they know.

In Prime, will there be combiners? Have to wait for Prime panel 

Any plans for G1 Shockwave in Generations line or G1-style Soundwave? Not at the moment, they know both are popular. Keeping it in mind

They're going through a cycle. DOTM -> Prime toys -> Generations

A lot of characters from DOTM movie could be done, so any plans to expand DOTM toy line?What's shown is current, they have plans for spring 2012 but can't reveal yet

On Ultimate Optimus, why is the forearm so "kibbley and blocky" on his inner robot? – Compromises to retain poseability and support outer armor. 

Why the changes on newer incarnations from older incarnations? – Always imagining. Always fun to try and mix it up to keep the brand fresh 

Sadly no BW characters in the new ride, but "you never know"  

Evac figure will be available @ giftshop and retail

On possible new TF film – no announcement of a next TF film after DotM yet *Cheers on wanting another TF film*

Estimated shelf date for HA Soundwave end of 2011.

No plans on HA redecos 'Cade or Jazz 

Planning on how to re-release PCC 

Any more plans of toys from IDW-inspired comics? They think it's cool 

For a character they haven't designed yet, Swerve's mentioned. 

Question on Generations Arcee – G1 Arcee has been discussed. Prime Arcee is coming out. "Stay tune"

Project Defender question – Will there be another Triple-changer Springer? No answer to that

And Hasbro panel done! Prime panel coming up!