Reason for DotM Score Delay

{mosimage} As you probably know, the score for Transformers: Dark of the Moon wasn't released on Tuesday, like it was intended. Later, the score did appear on iTunes, but all of the listings for the physical CD album still said that it was "unavailable". So what's the deal? Steve Jablonsky (via Chris Knight's "The Knight Shift" blog) has spoken out on the delay:

I finished the album weeks ago, but we didn't actually finalize it until a few days ago. Michael Bay is really happy with the score and he wanted to check out the album before it went out. As you might imagine, he's a busy dude. He's been flying all over the world promoting TF3, making it difficult to get approval. But I was happy that he wanted to be a part of the soundtrack and I did not want to release anything before he had his say. The record company tells me they need 4-6 weeks to get the album produced and into stores, which would put us into August at this point.

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