Official Images of TakaraTomy DotM Skywarp, TF Chronicles Optimus & Megatron

{mosimage}e-Hobby has updated their website with official images of the upcoming TakaraTomy Exclusive Transformers:  Dark of the Moon Deluxe MechTech Skywarp as well as official images of TakaraTomy's Transformers Chronicles Optimus G1 and DotM 2 Pack and Megatron G1 and DotM 2 Pack.  Skywarp is a redeco of Deluxe Starscream with a deco based on DotM Thundercracker.  The Optimus 2 Pack consists of G1 Optimus (cab only), Deluxe DotM Optimus, and the MechTech DotM Trailer.  The Megatron 2 Pack features G1 Megatron (presumably without his extensions beyond his fusion cannon) and DotM Voyager Megatron.  The Optimus and Megatron two packs feature differences from previous releases, for example G1 Megatron doesn't feature chrome like most reissues but flat gray plastic, while DotM Megatron features additional paint applications not seen on the normal release.

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