IDW October 2011 Solicitations and Cover Art

{mosimage}Courtesy of Comics Continuum, here's the October 2011 solicitations for IDW Publishing! Sound off at our discussion thread!

    Written by Mike Costa, art by Brendan Cahill, covers by Marcelo Matere, Cahill
    The Last Story On Earth" continues with shocking revelations into what the humans have done to Cybertronians and what they plan to do! Alliances between the two races are on the brink–can Jazz, an Autobot who killed a human, possibly bring both sides back before utter destruction occurs? Here's a hint: Not bloody likely! CHAOS continues right here!
    Written by Mike Costa, James Roberts, art by Livio Ramondelli, covers by Ramondelli x 2.
    CHAOS part 3 rocks Cybertron as the return of an unlikely Decepticon faces off against Sunstreaker who is looking for a little redemption–Megatron suits up for what might very well be his final battle–and you are introduced to something we had to call… the DeceptiGOD! "Chaos" goes insane!

How about some covers? From Guido Guidi, he's revealed that he's behind the lines and color gracing the cover to Transformers Classified: Switching Gears, penned by Ryder Windham, slated for a Halloween release of October 31, 2011! From Priscilla Tramontano, she presents her and Brendan Cahill's variant cover to Ongoing #27 with Streetwise! Livio Ramondelli has his cover variants A and B, featuring Megatron and Sunstreaker respectively for Ongoing #28! Austin Welch of also interviewed Livio over San Diego Comic-Con 2011! Unrealbooks is selling combined wraparound 4-cover that Andrew Griffith drew and Priscilla colored for "Foundation", so art collectors can aim for that!