2nd TFcon 2011 Exclusive Announced: Head Robots Toxin

{mosimage} TFcon has announced their 2nd Exclusive Toy, read below for more details!

Lord Zarak needed someone to help copy the Headmaster and Transtector technology that Stronghold pioneered, he turned to Toxin…

Toxin biggest claim to fame back on Cybertron was the mass cloning process of Reflector which bulked out Megatron‘s army during the early days of the war. He made 3 special clones for himself Edge, Shield and Bullet (Dubbed the NIGHT OPS SFX) as his hired goons to help get him needed “materials” for future experiments.

All was going well for
Toxin till he along with Lord Zarak got captured by the Autobots. His personal Transtector body was destroyed in the scuffle and now he hopes to break free and commandeer a new one.


Produced by Head Robots, you can now give your headless G1 figures a much needed upgrade.  This figure is limited to only 100 pieces and limited to one per attendee.


TFcon – Canada's 10th Annual Transformers Collectors Convention – features Canada's largest dealer room for Transformers merchandise, question and answer panels and autograph sessions with many special guests including Transformers writer Simon Furman and Transformers voice actors Garry Chalk and Paul Eiding; artists Joe Ng, Alex Milne and Matt Moylan, a costume and customs contest and fan discussion panels.