Transformers Animated Mini-Con Names Revealed

{mosimage} For those that picked up the "Stunti-Con-Job" comic from Botcon 2011, you've probably noticed the Mini-Cons inside of the Trypticon prison. For the most part, they're reminiscent of their Armada counterparts, so you probably can guess most of their names. But what about the duck-billed one? Or the one that looks like Longarm (since Shockwave used that name)?

Now your questions can be answered thanks to a tweeted image from Botcon! The image is the second page of the comic book, but instead of dialog, the word boxes have the names for the Mini-Cons. So now you can call High Wire, Leader-1, Grindor, Sureshock, Reachout, and DUCK-E (Dynamic Universal Cybertronian Kinetic Engineer) by name!

Click here to see the image, then discuss it here in Razorsaw's thread.


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