The Allspark Botcon 2011 Transformers Collectors Club Magazine Panel Report

{mosimage}The Allspark will be reporting from the Transformers Collectors Club Magazine Panel at Botcon 2011 live from 10am to 11am PST! Click on this link to follow the live report and post your comments in the thread.


  1. Marty Isenberg, Derrick J Wyatt, Pete Sinclair, Thomas Deer, Greg Sepelak, Trent Troop and our own Jesse Wittenrich in attendance.
  2. The Club fiction is heading back to present – Wings, Coming Storm, and Battlelines will affect new storyline.
  3. Trade paperbacks – TFCC working on it, licensing issue; IDW holds the license. TFCC could do it through the club store, but then cost issue.
  4. Botcon 2011 comic will have Diamond Edition.
  5. Marty had fictional ideas for Rattletrap in particular (concerning Season 4). He didn't originally even think of the Stunticons, but then it came up and he liked it.
  6. Concerning TFCC being the outlet for Animated Season 4 – Hasbro is focused on Prime, but FubPub is working on the possibility, and if they can do it, they will.
  7. The whole brand is staying away from Beast Wars for now, so FunPub is as well, at least for the time being. However, this year, Shattered Glass Beast Wars + Beast Wars Animated were both attempted before they got to the Stunticons.
  8. FunPub had two different proposals on the table. Classics Stunticons and Animated Stunticons. Hasbro wanted them to do Animated, and FunPud said if they did Animated, then they were going to do the Stunticons.
  9. Marty was wishing for an entire season on Cybertron, not even involving Megatron and his group. This was an opportunity to try that.
  10. Wildrider is the director and the pyrotechnics expert in the circus/performing troupe.
  11. Regarding back issues of the comics – FunPub would love to do it, but it's a logistical issue. Selling them through Diamond is not an option.
  12. Colors for the Stunticons generally based on the G1 cartoon. "Animated is a love letter to the G1 cartoon".
  13. Per Hasbro's direction concerning the Hot Rod mold, it made sense to get as far away from red colors as possible. They preferred the repaint to be distinctively different. That is why Sideswipe is G2, not G1.
  14. Repainting same heads so they look distinct – painting Drag Strip's face in further, it changed the shape of the face. For Ironfist, added the Roche eyes and vents, to differentiate from Autotrooper.
  15. Return of the SG universe now that Drift is getting a toy.
  16. "Moving Violations" was like a prologue, they didn't want Cheetor to show up out of nowhere.
  17. Minicons: the plan for season 4 was that they were going to be the guards for Trypticon.