The Allspark Botcon 2011 TFCC Panel Report

{mosimage}The Allspark presents the TFCC Panel report at Botcon 2011 here.


  • RUNABOUT and RUNAMUCK from Generations Wheeljack with new head!
  • Runamuck is the free incentive figure.
  • Runabout is the first club toy.
  • Shattered Glass Drift is the 2nd exclusive – Generations mold, red car, white highlights in bot mode, with Blurr's guns, "pretty much a merc with a mouth".
  • Cheetor spots – geometric shapes to spots because the straight polygons over the smooth surfaces didn't look right.
  • Action Master Thundercracker is a reuse of the Starscream mold – no-remold policy was never a hard rule.
  • Characters from the actual movies or licensed vehicles can't be used.
  • Derrick hated that idea of Animated Wreck-Gar for Motormater.
  • Wreck-Gar Junkion three-pack chances 'above average'.
  • Animated Voyager Thundercracker a possibility.
  • Joe figures are easier because TFCC works direct with the Chinese factories, but Transformers goes through Hasbro AND Takara.
  • Working on a figure subscription-type deal on the Joe side, might try it on the TF side.
  • Diaclone set is a consideration.
  • Fortress Maximus – TFCC wanted to do fort max one year, but the mold they picked had 80 tools, which Hasbro didn't want to use (Hasbro prefers less tools).


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