The Allspark @ Botcon 2011: Images of Attendee Exclusive Figures

{mosimage}The Allspark's Powered Convoy has gotten his set of Botcon 2011 Attendee Exclusive figures and has shared some photos of them. He reports that Shattered Glass Galvatron has blue eyes, and Thundercracker has a red Decepticon symbol on his shoulder, which makes him a denizen of the Shattered Glass Universe, besides being a homage to his G1 Action Master self. He also picked up the TFCC Exclusive Transtech Cheetor. Powered Convoy also informs us that the Attendee Exclusives this year are priced higher than previous years, with the Autotrooper 3-pack and the Sideswipe and Toxitron set selling for $89 each, and the Thundercracker and Galvatron set priced at $92.

View Powered Convoy's photos and comment about the figures in this thread.