The Allspark Botcon 2011 IDW Panel Live Report

{mosimage}The Allspark staff at Botcon are covering the IDW Panel live! Click this link to read the live report as the panel progresses from 10am to 11am PST and sound out your comments and questions in the thread.


  • Andy Schmidt, Chris Ryall, Mike Costa, Livio Ramondelli, and Flint Dille in attendance.
  • Chaos is the "battle for Cybertron".
  • Chaos is the event IDW has been building to even before the ongoing started.
  • At least one double page spread per issue.
  • Last Story on Earth: double shipping through summer and December, alternating Last Story on Earth and Chaos, on Earth and Cybertron respectively — first, relationship between Prowl and Earth and by extension, Prowl and Spike.
  • James Roberts working on Chaos.
  • Issues 22-23, "Chaos Theory" – touches on Optimus Prime's origin.
  • Chaos runs through issues 21-31, then it will be issue #125.
  • Writers: John Barber/James Roberts. Art by Nick Roche.
  • Bonus prose story in the back of the movie comics.
  • Transformers #125: "The Death of Optimus Prime".
  • Starting in January, digital-only project "Autocracy". Writers: Chris Metzen / Flint Dille, art by Livio Ramondelli.
  • Story: fall of the previous "corrupt, yet shining era" Autobot civilization; riffs on Megatron: Origin, leading into the war era.
  • "Legacy of Rust" mini-series (Punch-Counterpunch story) not published yet, will come out at some point. 
  • Optimus Prime will stay dead after 125 as long as the Human Torch does.
  • No plans for Action Masters, Targetmasters, Mini-cons.
  • Transformers #81 held off for now. IDW doesn't want to have too many continuities at once, but they hear the fans and discussions are being had. If petition hits 10,000 signatures, may be greelit.
  • Drift is major character in Chaos.
  • IDW trying to reach back to earlier chronology (Megatron origins, Furman run, AHM, post-AHM ongoing) while pushing forward.
  • AHM collection: collects 16 AHM issues + 5 related Spotlights, IDW Collection – contains that material also, but spread out differently.
  • No firm plans for Movieverse after DOTM.
  • No Last Stand of the Wreckers sequel.