The Allspark Botcon 2011 Hasbro Panel Live Report

{mosimage}The Allspark staff at Botcon are covering the Hasbro Panel live! Click this link to read the live report as the panel progresses from 11am to 12pm PST and sound off in the thread.


  • Greg Lombardo (Marketing), Jerry Jivoin (Marketing), Josh Lamb (Design0, Bill Rawley (Design), Eric Siebenaler (Design) and Lenny Panzica (Design) in attendance.
  • G1-inspired Kreons, 28 total, 16 Transformers and 12 humans.
  • Transformers Rescue Bots are "elite force, specialized in rescue so Optimus can send them on jobs".
  • Last waves of Reveal the Shield: Hasbro tries to anticipate what's going on in the marketplace, but if they don't call it right, it's hard to get figures out at the ends of waves. Hasbro trying to find homes for the shortpacked RTS stuff.
  • Generations continuing end of the year!
  • Mechtech weapons: Hasbro tried to externalize the play features, so they had something they could still advertise.
  • Deluxe Air Raid – Jet (like Cybertron Jetfire in vehicle mode) with a radar dish, green.
  • Autobot Armor Topspin, Deluxe Wave 5, cobalt color.
  • Dark Iron, Deluxe Wave 5 – DOTM Sideswipe decoed as BW Quickstrike.
  • Voyager Wave 4 (DOTM) – G1-inspired red DOTM Ironhide.
  • Cyberverse continuing into 2012.
  • Cyberverse Shockwave with fusion tank. The vehicle looks like Energon Shockblast.
  • Cyberverse Ratchet with lunar crawler.
  • Cyberverse Battle Pack – based on the accident in DC during the movie shoot – Battle damaged Bumblebee with police car Barricade.
  • Target Exclusive Human Alliance Leadfoot – Steeljaw bigger than movie scale, so made him the gun.
  • Deluxe Leadfoot and Topspin two-pack (Target exlcusive).
  • Unicron 25th anniversary, Amazon Exclusive – Takara version head, brighter colors.
  • 20 for 20 Toy Promotion (July 25th to Sept 30th) – Buy $20 worth of toys, get an Optimus Prime T-shirt.
  • June 29 – DOTM, July 21 – SDCC, Oct 13-16 – NY Comic Con, Prime First Edition toy launch – 12/1/11.
  • Transformers Prime Deluxe Cliffjumper!
  • Deluxe Wave 3 – Vehicon + Terrorcon Zombie Clfifjumper (repaint).
  • Voyager Class Transformers Prime Optimus Prime!
  • Voyager Bulkhead too.
  • SDCC Transformers Prime Optimus Prime – wearable Matrix inside the package.
  • Transformers Prime Cyberverse Ratchet (Legion-sized)
  • Transformers Prime Cyberverse Wheeljack – with swords that stow away on his back.
  • Transformers Prime Cyberverse Legion Bumblebee, with weapons.
  • Transformers Prime Cyberverse Legion Arcee.
  • Transformers Prime Commander Ironhide – pickup truck, movie inspired, guns on arms.
  • Transformers Prime Deluxe Soundwave with Laserbeak that fits in chest, becomes blade.
  • Transformers Prime Deluxe Ratchet – blades on his hands.
  • Transformers Prime Deluxe Wheeljack – with swords.
  • Transformers Prime Voyager Starscream – has mechtech with lights "Energon coursing through the robot".
  • If there were a WFC 2 videogame, Hasbro would likely make figures based on that.
  • Alternate heads in RTS and Generations will be coming later.
  • Animated – Hasbro still trying to get the last couple of toys out.
  • Closed fists on figures were limiting the sculpts creatively. More creative gestures with other types of hands, sometimes things break, but trying to correct any issues moving forward.