The Allspark Botcon 2011 Hasbro Brand Panel Report

{mosimage}The Allspark will be reporting from the Hasbro Brand Panel at Botcon 2011 live from 1pm to 2pm PST! Click on this link to follow the live report and post your comments in the thread.


  • Aaron Archer and Rick Alvarez in attendance.
  • What didn't make it into Vault – Actionmaster Mirage, Action Master Smokescreen (not Prowl mold), Action Master Cliffjumper (also new mold), Action Master Rumble,  Action Master Blurr, unknown Targetmasters, G2 Dragstrip and Breakdown art, sample of Megabolt Megatron in Beast Machines packaging, Classics Optimus Prime was originally Deluxe, comes up to the Voyager's chest, Joe-con Omega Supreme.
  • Exiles, sequel to Exodus. Story picks up where Exodus left off, set against the backddrop of the Autobots' journey to find the Allspark. Prime is the main character, but there are lots of cameos. Rediscovery of lost TF colonies, more insight into the 13.
  • Single continuity – bringing the whole modern view of the brand into a systematic order.
  • Exiles will introduce a new threat that will impact the greater Transformers Universe.
  • Straxus looking insignia, poster that says "Fall 2011".
  • Teched out, Prime-style Cybertron Brimstone as a "Starseeker". Leaner Cannonball. Axor has key role at end of Exiles, looks like the original, sharp and pointy Prime style, wheel in his crotch/tummy.
  • Drawings for the story bible – 13 art, Megatronus –> Fallen, Alpha Trion, Liege Maximo, Nexus Prime, Vector Prime, like the Cybertron character, gold color, has a beard, red cape, more armored, knight-like. Solus Prime – forger, pinkish purple. "Female" is technically only 1/13 of the population, there's no gender, there's just that "look".
  • Exodus/Exiles and WFC connect into the Prime story – "each platform has its own story needs in order to be dynamic and successful…not every detail will line up perfectly…the visual stylings are different for several reasons".
  • Netdragon – online gaming experience for Chinese market, unique story with elements from modern continuity, MMO specfic for their market, art direction leans towards Prime with a G1 influence, some characters will have different designs. Netdragon Hoist art – like G1 Hoist, but more athletic, football player build. Netdragon Rumble/Frenzy. Brawn, Ravage, Cliffjumper, Sunstreaker. Concept for a level on the netdragon game: Spacebridge has crashed to the earth, sucking all the water (b/c it's still open), revealing a lost civilization.
  • Jagex: browser-based MMO, design your own character. Barricade (from the dealer room) – government SUV still undercover, Prowl (from dealer room).
  • Universal Studios: Hollywood 3D experience stuff, 3D ride based on the movies, one part has you going into Devastator's jaws.
  • Dark Energon not related to Angolmois.
  • Animated Season 3 – show your love and passion, and maybe Shout Factory can put it out if it's there.
  • Not planning toys of the 13.
  • No defined name for aligned continuity yet.
  • Generations/Classics model is not going to go away.
  • On the Erector issue – Archer: "People thought I was being tongue-in-cheek, but I was being serious. We want the characters to get into the HoF to matter to you. If you make a joke of it, it'll be a joke. We did it once, let's not do it again."