The Allspark Botcon 2011 Activision Panel Report

{mosimage}The Allspark presents the Activision Panel report at Botcon 2011 here.


  • Game is a prologue, dealing with the back story of characters.
  • Soundwave is playable, as is Laserbeak.
  • Warpath!
  • Hatchlings – 4 legged crab things.
  • Battle Stratosphere when playing as Starscream.
  • Stealth Force – can move side-to-side in vehicle form.
  • Multiplayer: Death match, Team death match, Conquest mode.
  • Customizations: changing weapons, colors.
  • Different classes and play styles.
  • Always maintain primary weapon but can swap out secondary weapons.
  • Play as megatron in both ROTF and DOTM forms.