The Allspark at Botcon 2011: Meetup Details!

HAHA Look at our dorky staff at their dorky robot convention while the rest of us regular folks… weep… openly… at not being there.  Dangit.  If you're at Botcon and want to meet up for beer, sliders, more beer, more sliders, and maybe some sparkling conversation, look for THESE yahoos at the Yard House-Paseo Colorado TONIGHT at 6:30 pm. Map . If you can't go you can keep tabs on the shenanigans on the boards here

So, if you show up and aren't sure who to look for, all of our staffers will be dressed like THIS.  Please disregard their apparel: they're nerds and therefore have no fashion sense.


Left to right, that's Daytonus, Galenraff, Onyx Minor, MrBlud, and Lonegamer8.