Target Coupons – $3 off Voyager, $10 off Leader

{mosimage} Browsing Target's website on a whim, Allspark member Blot found something that just might interest those penny pinchers out there! Available to print are three Transformers coupons, perfect for those looking to save a little cash this summer. The coupons are for $3 off any MechTech Voyager Class figure, $10 off any MechTech Leader Class figure, and $3 off "Transformers" on DVD or Blu-Ray!

Click here to see the coupons (you'll have to do a little sleuthing to find all three), then discuss the potential savings here!

*Update* Targets are also having in-store sales on "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" toys! Check out the list of sale prices, alos provided by Blot:

Go-Bots – $8.99
Activators – $9.99
Revving Robots – $17.99
Legion Class – $4.49
Commander Class – $7.49
Cyberverse Bases – $12.99
Deluxe Class – $10.99
Leader Class – $39.99

Transformers (2007)/Revenge of the Fallen:
DVD – $10.99
Blu-Ray – $14.99