Takara Tomy DotM Toys on Display at Tokyo Toy Show

{mosimage} Should we have you just constantly refresh Cybergundam's blog? The blog now has images of Takara Tomy's "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" display at Tokyo Toy Show. Of note are new looks of the Optimus and Bumblebee model kits, Ultimate Optimus Prime (which appears to be just Hasbro's toy for now), Voyager Sentinel Prime with a more vibrant red than Hasbro's, and, of course, a Skywarp repaint of Deluxe Starscream!

Click here to see the images! Then discuss them here.

*Update* A few more images can be found here on Hobbystock's site. Including an image of Cyberverse Action Trailers Ratchet.

*Update 2* Gizmodo has an image of the Lucky Draw toys that are on display as well.