Mp-09 Rodimus Prime Second Version Details?

{mosimage} Allspark Member SwiftEagle obtained a replacement Masterpiece MP-09 Rodimus Convoy from TakaraTomy last weekend. To his surprise, there were tooling differences between the replacement and his original. Are these signs of what are to come with the "Mp-09 Rodimus Prime Second Version"?

Read the list below for the differences:
* The backpack/spoiler holds in place much better (though there's still no solid clipping-on).
* The right hand hole holds the rifle tab firmly, even in combined mode. The left hand is loose, but some fiddling with the thumb gets it to holds the gun in place well.
* The ankle springs no longer uncoil during transformation.
* The hands fit fully inside the forearms when using the saw or welder.
* The side leg panel is now held on by what looks like a pop-off metal and plastic pin instead of the original unremovable (and fragile) pin. It's much looser, but stays in place in both modes.
* The spoiler still scrapes in the trailer, but since only the robot was exchanged, maybe they're altering the trailer slot instead.
* The shin panels still don't tab in place well under the car mode.

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