More Guests Announced for TFCon 2011

{mosimage} TFCon have now added Alex Milne and Paul Eiding to their list of guests!

TFcon is happy to welcome back Transformers comic book artist Alex Milne to TFcon 2011. He will be setup in the TFcon artist alley all weekend long signing and sketching for fans. Alex did the packaging art for our convention exclusive Stronghold this year as well as the art for the comic that will be included in the TFcon 2011 program.

Alex has worked on Transformers Energon #26-29 and 31; G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers: The Art of War #4 and 5; as well as IDW’s Megatron Origin; the Transformers (2007) Official Movie Adaptation; Spotlight: Arcee; The Reign of Starscream; Transformers: Alliance; Revenge of the Fallen Movie Adaptation issue 3; Tales of the Fallen #5 Ravage, #6 Arcee; The Transformers: Drift; and The Transformers (issues 16-18).

We are very pleased to welcome Transformers voice actor Paul Eiding to TFcon 2011 for the 25th Anniversary of Transformers The Movie and his first ever Canadian convention appearance.


The voice of Generation 1 Perceptor; Mr. Eiding will be taking part in Q&A panel and autograph sessions with the attendees of the Canadian Transformers Collectors Convention.
You can find out more about TFCon here!