Kre-O Optimus Prime coming with wrong Optimus Kreon?!

{mosimage}Fans picking up the recently released Kre-O figures may get an extra surprise (good or bad) when purchasing the large Kre-O Optimus Prime.  The Kre-O Optimus Prime comes with two Driver Kreons, a Skywarp Kreon, a Bluestreak Kreon, as well as an Optimus Prime Kreon.  Reports are coming in that the Kreon Optimus included is not the one pictured on the back and front of the packaging, but actually the Kreon Optimus given away to attendees of BotCon 2011 by the Kre-O team (with exposed Matrix of Leadership within his chest).  Rumor has it that this is in fact a mistake and that the figures were supposed to ship with the one pictured on the package (with closed window chest).

You can discuss the Optimus Kreon situation on our forums.  Click Read more… for a comparison of the two Optimus Kreons.