Kre-O Kreon Bios on

{mosimage} In case you missed it in all the news from Botcon and "Dark of the Moon", has a little added bonus on their sale pages for the Kre-O construction sets. Each of the five sets that they currently have up for order have a section on their page dedicated to a bio for the Kreon figure the set represents! Currently they have the following:

Optimus Prime
Sentinel Prime

Click on each of the above names to discover the bios, or read just the bios by clicking here!

About the OPTIMUS PRIME KREON Character

I am OPTIMUS PRIME. I do not care for the hijinks of the other KREONS. It is our responsibility to ensure that all brick-made beings are able to live in freedom. I do not have time for pranks.

Likes: Sending BUMBLEBEE on missions so I can get some work done instead of worrying about whose bricks he'll rearrange next.
Big Plan: To defeat the DECEPTICONS and retire somewhere an idling truck will be accepted.
Protoform Pet: I once had a cyberdog named Magnus. He was great.

About the BUMBLEBEE KREON Character
'Sup? I'm BUMBLEBEE, and I'm just about the coolest KREON you'll ever meet. When I'm not punking the other AUTOBOTS, I like to spend my time cruising the freeway at top speed, with frequent breaks to pound on the DECEPTICONS.

Hobbies: Pranking, Prowling and speeding!
Favorite Hangout: Anywhere there are lots of humans and loud music!
Big Plan: To form a block-rockin' band. And also learn how to brick-surf.

About the SENTINEL PRIME KREON Character

Since OPTIMUS PRIME took over, I've had a lot more time to devote to rest and relaxation. Sure, I take time to knock a DECEPTICON block off now and again, but all these rivers on Earth aren't gonna fish themselves.

Hobbies: Deep-sea fishing with the block and tackle. Napping between battles.
Most Prized Possession: My indestructible battle hammer!
Favorite Hangout: The shore of the nearest lake.

About the MEGATRON KREON Character

I am MEGATRON, the commander of the DECEPTICONS. Most everyone thinks I'm a pretty bad guy. But I'd like to call myself a KREON of many talents. Yes, I happen to be the most diabolically evil commander in the universe, but I also have a soft spot for life's finer things. . . like crushing AUTOBOTS!

Favorite Pastime: Reading the "KREON Kode" on my buildings front porch swing.
Favorite Restaurant: Those seafood places that give you a bucket of crabs and a mallet.
Biggest Fear: Being lost in a vast, unorganized box of KRE-O bricks.

About the STARSCREAM KREON Character

It is I, STARSCREAM, the most awesomely powerful KREON in the universe! Don't listen to those other DECEPTICONS when they recount the supposedly "evil" exploits of lord MEGATRON. Jealous? No, I'm not jealous. I am evil, I say, pure evil! Soon the throne of MEGATRON will be mine!

Favorite Pastime: Building brick castles
Favorite Book: “I’m My Own Me: How to Command Confidently”
Favorite Sport: Bowling.