Hasbro, ILM Thank Bay, South Korea Exclusive Chevy Spark, Sentinel Prime to Have Been Ultra Magnus?

{mosimage} Here's a bit of a round-up for some post Transformers: Dark of the Moon news!

First up, Hasbro and ILM have taken out ads in the Hollywood Reporter thanking Michael Bay for the three Transformers movies. As you know the director will be leaving the franchise now that the trilogy is complete. Click here and here to see the "thank yous".

And although he wasn't in the movie (except for that one scene), Mudflap will be honored by Chevrolet; South Korea will be receiving a limited edition Transformers version of the Spark, painted as the black and orange twin! The car will be limited to 1,000, and cost R$17,300 for manual, or R$19,500 for automatic transmission. Click here for images of the car!

Lastly, a redacted page from the filming for Transformers: Dark of the Moon confirms that Sentinel Prime's original name was "Ultra Magnus". Moreover, it would appear that the face the astronauts walk over when entering the Ark is what this Ultra Magnus would have looked like. Click here to read more about that on the Transformers Live Action Movie Blog.