Hasbro GI Joe Q&A Round 2 Answers!

{mosimage} Hasbro and Hunter PR have sent out the answers to the second round of GI Joe Q&A for 2011!

1) Does the team that designs stickers on the GI Joe vehicles work in conjunction with the design team, and are the stickers tested out beforehand? Because it's been noted amongst the fandom that sticker applications are getting frustratingly complicated.

1) That’s a great question. During the production process, the stickers are often the very last thing that is completed. The same designers which design the vehicles are the ones which design the label art. Recently, in vehicles like the HISS tank and the SKYSTRIKER, the designers have included optional stickers which allow the owner of the vehicle to customize it his/her way. As for the label adhesion, this is something that we work on all of the time, and it is not an exact science. Oftentimes it has to do with the type of plastic which the labels are adhering to. Polypropylene, which is used in many G.I. Joe vehicles, is notorious for not accepting stickers. We are certainly aware of the issue and are continuing to try to improve upon the sticker placements and adhesion.

2) Given the upcoming release of a new Steel Brigade figure, might it be possible for a customizable file card to be made available, even if only as an online "game"?

2) That's a great idea and we will look into it.

3) The cancelled Jungle Attack Storm Shadow has some wonderful gear, weapons, is their a chance we will see some of his unique items (like the webgear) on a future figure?

3) We like that figure too. The vest is definitely tooled up, as is the cool set of weapons. Someday it may find a home in the line, but there are no plans for it right now.
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