Even More New Takara Tomy Toy Information!

{mosimage} After the all the news and images that came out of the Tokyo Toy Show this past weekend, are you ready for more?!

Full Metal Hero has found out through various sources some new tidbits about upcoming Takara Tomy Products. To start out, the Tomy side of the company will be taking the Transformers to one of its own long-lived brands and release scaled die-cast vehicles of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in its Tomica line! These toys are due out in October.

Secondly, the next wave of Transformers EZ Collection Chronicles has been announced! The wave includes Prowl, Optimus Prime/Convoy (at least that is the mold, we all know Takara likes their black/white repaints of him!), G2 Megatron, two Seekers (Starscream and Skywarp would make sense after Vol 1's Thundercracker), Hot Rod, Hound, and another Prowl (Smokescreen or Bluestreak?). These toys will be out in December.

Thirdly, fans who missed out on some of Henkei!  Henkei! will be glad to hear that Takara Tomy is re-releasing Henkei Hot Rodimus.  This figure will be the same as the previous release, and will be made available again like previous Henkei re-release, such as Megatron, Optimus, Hound, and Alert.  Note this figure may still be difficult to acquire despite its impending re-release.

Lastly, some movie news! The Ultimate Optimus Prime toy from "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" will be released by Takara Tomy in much the same way as its US and UK release. That apparently includes the deco. The price will be 16000 yen, and it is scheduled for this November. Also, a teaser image of sorts has been released for DA-28 Optimus Prime. It looks like this will be a repaint/retool of the "Revenge of the Fallen" Leader Class Optimus Prime toy with a new weapon. This toy is due out in October and is priced at 9000-9500 Yen.  Like most special releases of the RotF Leader Optimus figure, DA-28 is likely a Japanese Exclusive.

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