‘DOTM’ Limited 3D Glasses, TV Spots in HD, Windows 7 Theme, & Rosie Filming on Set

{mosimage}For those with hefty wallets not settled on the more basic Transformers: Dark of the Moon merchandise, you can attempt to purchase yourself a pair of Oakley's Limited Edition Transformers 3D Gascan glasses. The Autobot symbol is on the right side of the glass's arm and the Decepticon on the left. And by hefty, we mean $150 USD, not including shipping.

For those keeping track of the TV Spots, The Movie Box has been kind enough to collect the links to the various teasers, trailers, and TV Spots. And best of all, they're in 720HD, so no more squinting! Sound off at our thread!

Microsoft has a Dark of the Moon theme up for Windows 7 users (only compatible with Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and/or Ultimate). Rather simple, that of the Cybertronian spaceship, Shockwave, and Bumblebee.

And lastly, how about footage from the Chicago set? From this clip, pointed out by TFLAMB, we see Michael Bay directing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Carly) while she's perched on a blue prop. The blue prop is used whenever the actors have to actually interact with what will later be a Transformer and from TV Spot #13, it's Carly having a conversation with a certain Decepticon leader.