BotCon Hasbro Roundup (Friday)

Friday at BotCon brings us our first round of exciting new reveals from Hasbro!{mosimage}

New toys include:

  • Cyberverse Commander Autobot Guzzle
  • Cyberverse Commander Decepticon Hatchet
  • Cyberverse Legion Flak
  • Cyberverse Legion Roadbuster
  • Human Alliance Tailpipe with Sargeant Noble
  • Human Alliance Halftrack with Major Altitude (Sandstorm redeco in white and light blue)
  • Human Alliance Reverb with Sargeant Detour (new red motorcycle mold–AWESOME!)
  • Human Alliance Crosshairs with Sargeant Cahnay (Thunderhead redeco in gray and green)
  • Human Alliance Decepticon Dragstrip with Master Disaster (new F1-ish vehicle)
  • US Masterpiece Rodimus Prime with Offshoot
  • Rescuebots: Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Heatwave
  • Transformers Prime: Bumblebee, Arcee, Starscream

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