Review: DotM Toys!

{mosimage}Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys are hitting toys shelves fast and furious, and the was lucky enough to receive a box of the toys as a sample of what's out there on shelves now! What are they, and what do we think about them? Read on for the full rundown!

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Firstly, let me say just how impressed I was at the shipping box that these toys came in. I know, I know, "Shipping box? What could possibly be so impressive about that?" Well, for starters, the entire box was decked out in Optimus Prime trailer details. Wheels, wheel guards, metal paneling, stripes, license plate, hinges, smokestacks… Pretty much everything you think of when you picture Optimus' trailer has found its way onto the box.

It's not just the outside of the box either. The flaps for the box are printed to look like the loading ramp and doors for the trailer! Both sides have the detailing, making it feel like you are opening up the back of a small truck to get to the cargo inside.

Speaking of, just what is inside this fantastic box? Toys! Collectibles! A shirt! Toys! 

Robo-Power Bumblebee Cine-Mask

T he first item that made its way out of the box was the Bumblebee Cine-Mask. For those that attended the Hall of Fame event at Botcon, you know just what I'm talking about. It's a plastic half-face that resembles Bumblebee from the eyes up that allows you to watch realD 3D films. The retail release of the mask comes with more than just the face though; also packaged in the cardboard backer are the old school red and blue 3D glasses (for the website), as well as a poster of Bumblebee looking for some action.

The good? You can have a decent enough role play mask if you happened to miss out on the Revenge of the Fallen Bumblebee helmet. The bad? It's a bit uncomfortable to wear. The rubber edges meant to form around your face isn't quite soft enough and hits your face in all the wrong places.

Rating: 5/10 – If only for the uncomfortable rubber edging.

Cyberverse Legion Bumblebee

After the mask, the next item was a Cyberverse Legion Bumblebee. This is the redeco of our favorite Autobot kid appeal character, the one with black lightning bolts instead of his regular stripes. Other than that though, it's essentially the same figure. It does make you wonder why they bothered with the redeco if it's so similar… But for those that want to get the new hand mold, at least it does offer something different from your Revenge of the Fallen toy.

The good? This Bumblebee toy has been sculpted with an open hand capable of holding Cyberverse weaponry. No longer does your Bumblebee toy have to stand there weaponless as your other Cyberverse/Legends figures duke it out. 

The bad? He doesn't actually come with any weapons. And like I mentioned earlier, he's very similar to previous Bumblebee releases. So you may not even look twice at this toy on retailers' shelves.

Rating: 6/10 – He'd be more interesting if his deco varied a little more than previous Bumblebees. Or maybe a little less. Right now he's a strange combination of the two, putting him in the weird realm of "Why?"

Cyberverse Commander Optimus Prime

This Optimus toy has two benefits, a smaller scale with more playability, and a jetpack to help rocket him into adventure. However, a single drawback may cancel both of those out; he's the same toy as the Preview Optimus Prime with 3D glasses. Same mold, same colors, same price. Often on the same pegs.

The good? He is a very fun toy. The jetpack, the guns, the size, it all lends itself to a toy that you're going to want to pick up and fiddle with.

The bad? You probably already have him. And you're probably already annoyed that his head doesn't turn.

Rating: 7/10 – It would be higher if he was different from the Preview toy.

Deluxe Laserbeak

Some people will think this guy is goofy. Other will think that he's great. What do I think? He's a little of both. 

Laserbeak turns from bird to a futuristic VTOL/helicopter vehicle similar to the GI Joes' Dragonhawk. He even has similar bird-face nose art on the front of the copter! Unfortunately due to the transformation though, the helicopter mode is a little sloppy. Big VTOL fans, robo-bird anatomy leaking through to vehicle mode, giant folded bird legs dangling from the side of the vehicle. Bird mode is a bit better, although it's body ends up a bit bloated due to its attempt to hide the helicopter's cockpit. And then there are those big, bulbous baby vulture eyes…

The good? I like his goofiness. Others may not, but I think it lends itself to an overall enjoyable toy.

The bad? You're going to wish that he did something more to help distinguish itself between modes. Transformation is fine and rather ingenious, but the end results are very similar despite it.

Rating: 8/10 – If only the helicopter looked a touch more like a helicopter.

  Leader Sentinel Prime

I like him! I like him a lot!

Now that I've spoiled the review, all I can say is that I love the detailing in both modes. And his weapons make him look imposing, even if they aren't giant guns or nasty looking hooks. Transformation is a little tough, but once you begin to figure it out, it's fairly intuitive; I very much like how the shins split open and the forearms stow inside. It's a very unique touch.

The good? The detailing. This guy is just impressive in both modes.

The bad? His hands have difficulty holding his big shield. If they closed just a little tighter…

Rating: 9/10 – Buy one now!

Speedstars Mirage

 Speedstars are for those fans enamored with a character's vehicle mode, or for those that just love to roll their vehicle mode Transformers across the floor, seeing how fast you can make them go. Mirage doesn't disappoint in either regard, despite his modified non-licensed car mode.

Mirage is part of the "Trans-scanning" series with Bumblebee and Crumplezone, which means instead on being opaque, he's a clear red. Clear red with black flames on the side. How cool is that?

He does have a robot mode, which is sculpted on the bottom of the car. (In a packaging goof, they give this robot mode a Decepticon symbol, despite being clearly labeled an Autobot on the cardback. The actual toy has no symbol at all.)

The good? His  car mode really is pretty. There's just something about that particular shade of translucent red plastic.

The bad? He's a Speedstar, which many fans overlook because they don't transform.

Rating: 6/10 – He's nice, but he's really just a car without the robot in disguise.

NEST Dog Tag

I personally don't understand these. They're like trading cards, but wearable. The NEST one is neat for it's roleplay potential; who wouldn't want to be part of a group that hangs out with Transformers all day?

The good? The design is okay.

The bad? It's not all that exciting.

Rating: 3/10


The design with Optimus and Bumblebee is pretty cool. And the material seems durable enough.

The good? A cool movie-poster t-shirt.

The bad? Another black Transformers t-shirt. Can we have another color yet?

Rating: 8/10


So there you have it! If you want to see more images from the box of toys, click here!