TFCon Guests, Exclusives, Contests, and Registration!

{mosimage} TFCon has sent out a reminder about this year's guests, exclusives, as well as information about registration and the returning Art and Customs Contests!

Attending the convention this year is Simon Furman, a near household name for Transformers fans! He will be talking about all projects past and future, and hopefully touch on the #81 project that he hopes to begin with IDW. (For more on that, read part 1 of our interview with him here!)

The exclusive will be the Hot Head third party toy from Head Robots repainted as "Stronghold"; a Headmaster type of robot that you will be able to use to help convert your Universe Onslaught into a Fortress Maximus homage! To complete the transition, there will also be a Reprolabels set of custom decals.

The Art and Custom Contests will be returning this year! You can find out more about that and registration by reading on or visiting!

TFCon takes place on July 30-31 at the new location in the Delta Meadowvale Resort and Conference Centre in Mississauga, Ont.


TFcon 2011 Online Registration Now Open
You can order the 2011 exclusive along with tickets to the convention and TFcon
T-Shirts  online for TFcon 2011 via this link:
Preregistration will run until July 16th at 12pm. If you don't have a credit
card you can email the convention to register via money order.

Transformers Writer SIMON FURMAN to attend TFcon 2011
We are very pleased to welcome Transformers writer Simon Furman to TFcon 2011
for his first ever Canadian convention appearance. The author of Marvel UK's
Transformers series, Marvel US's Transformers issues 56-80 and Transformers
Generation 2 comic, the Beast Wars cartoon episode Nemesis Part 2, the Dreamwave
comics War Within, Armada and Energon, the Transformers: The Ultimate Guide and
the first five Generation 1 mini-series for IDW as well as numerous Spotlight
issues; Mr. Furman will be taking part in a Q&A panel and autograph sessions
with the attendees of the Canadian Transformers Collectors Convention.

The TFcon 2011 exclusive is STRONGHOLD
In command of a lost band of Transformers from before the Great War, Stronghold
must now deal with the likes of an escapee war criminal in the form of Zarak.
Armed with his Master Cannon and double blasters, this leader of the fabled Head
Robots is a force to be reckoned with now that he holds the plans to the
mysterious project Maximus…
Produced by Head Robots and designed for the Universe Onslaught mold and cross
compatible with Generation 1 Headmasters, Stronghold will be limited to 700
pieces. This is a high-quality upgrade kit that contains a transforming head
with ball joints and clear blue eyepiece, two photon rifles, one assault cannon,
and a backpack. The backpack features many mounting points so the guns can be
configured in many ways. This exclusive will come with a bonus set of
Reprolabels that will transform your old action figure into an all new character
for your collection.

TFcon – Canada's 10th Annual Transformers Collectors Convention is July 30th and
31st, 2011 at the Delta Meadowvale Resort and Conference Centre in Mississauga,
Ontario with free parking. You can book your hotel room for TFcon 2011 via the
hotel reservation website:

2011 sees the return of the TFcon art and custom contest. There will once again be 2 categories attendees can enter; 2D, and 3D. Pieces entered in previous years cannot be entered again as well as no collaborative entries, the piece has to be 100% your own creation. Limit of two entries per person. For more details check out the TFcon contest information page.
TFcon Art Contest

This year sees the return of the TFcon Toronto art contest. Entries may be submitted from 9 am until 12 pm the Saturday of the convention. After 12 pm all art pieces will be judged by the TFcon Art Judges.  The winner will be announced at a time on the event schedule.  This year there will be 3 categories for the art contest attendees are welcome to enter, 2D, 3D, and costume. All entries are to be PG-13. Pieces previously entered cannot be entered again. No collaborative entries, the piece has to be 100% your own creation. Limit of two entries per person.

2D entries can be anything from a painting, black and white drawing, color drawing, computer render print out, basically anything that’s on a flat piece of paper qualifies for this category. It is preferred that any 2D entry be mounted, framed or in a protective covering.  3D entries can be anything from a diorama, kitbash/custom, toy repaint or statue.

2D entries will be judged on originality, perspective, creativity, lighting/shadows, application of color/tones, detail, realism/suspension of disbelief and the judges overall impression.  3D entries will be judged on detail, originality, use of color, proportions, realism, use of materials, innovativeness, neatness and the judges overall impression.

The 3D art contest prizes will be custom made trophies from TFcon. These prizes will only be offered to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries so be prepared to come ready to compete!