Steve Blum Attending BotCon!

{mosimage}Get your earplugs ready! Voice actor Steve Blum will be attending this year's BotCon, which he revealed in an Action Figure Times interview! While he's known most recently as Starscream in Transformers Prime, his additional Transformers voices include several others: Dark Scream, Fortress Maximus, and W.A.R.S. in Robots in Disguise; plus Barricade, Shockwave, Cliffjumper, Ramjet, and the narrator in War for Cybertron. That's not including his numerous roles in cartoons (some of the more recent incarnations of Wolverine) and dubbing in anime (Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop).

He'll be at the Pasadena Convention Center at 12pm on Saturday, June 4th for a very special event, namely performing the live script reading of a current episode of Prime with the several members of the Prime VA cast!