New Official DOTM Toy Images From Hasbro, “Daredevil Squad”, “Flash Freeze Assault”

{mosimage} Hasbro has sent new images for upcoming Transformers Dark of the Moon toys. Among them, KMart exclusive "Autobot Daredevil Squad", featuring repaints of Cannon Bumblebee (in inverted colors), Human Alliance Basic Backfire (in black), and Human Alliance Sam Witwicky (with armor plating painted on). The set also comes with an "Autobot Alliance" iron-on patch.

In a similar package (but lacking the Kmart sticker) is the "Flash Freeze Assault" three pack with Human Alliance Sideswipe in silver, black, green and blue, Icepick in black and orange, and Sergeant Chaos (repaint of Captain Lennox).

Click here to see the images of "Autobot Daredevil Squad" and "Flash Freeze Assault". Then see images of Human Alliance Basic Whirl, and Scanning Series Ratchet and Bumblebee (as well as discuss all the images) here!