High Quality Generations 2011 Vol 1 Scans! Vol 2 in July 2011!

{mosimage}Allspark.com recently acquired a copy of the recently released Transformers Generations 2011 Volume 1.  Within its pages are high quality photographs of the just released Dark of the Moon figures, United and their Hasbro counterparts, Animated character designs, several interviews, as well as the entire Unite for the Universe comic (translations to come soon).  For your convenience the Allspark.com now has high quality scans of several of the more interesting pages throughout the book.  These scans include the interviews, some Animated character designs (including some different from those in the Allspark Almanac), Transformers United card art, photos of the upcoming United Stepper with Nebulon, as well as scans of the canceled Unite for the Universe Jetpower Optimus Prime.

You can view and discuss the photos on our forums.