‘Dark of the Moon’ Images, Clarification on Ferrari/Wheeljack/Wheelie, & Shinoda on “Iridescent”

{mosimage}Other than gearing up for this year's BotCon held in Pasadena, California, here's some images from Paramount to tide over on Transformers: Dark of the Moon! Some are still photos from the film itself, while a few were during filming, such as director Michael Bay with several N.E.S.T. soldiers and his camera crew.

Regarding the questioning of several Autobots' identities (the red Ferrari, Wheeljack, and Wheelie), Nelson Lauren gives his response on trying to clear things up at the Shoot For The Edit boards:

For some time now, I've implied through some of my post that Wheelie's sidekick was the Mercedes E550 (the E550 is a whole different character).

It's not.

My bad, my apologies.

Brains is Wheelie's buddy. And what's Brain's alt-mode you ask? You'll have to wait and see. 

For another tease, Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda teased a bit on his Twitter feed on watching the final edit of the video for "Iridescent", directed by fellow member Joe Hahn. Clicking the link leads to a photo from their music video. Also, the music video might debut sometime this week.

Watching final edit of video for new @linkinpark single "Iridescent"-wow! Way to go @joehahnLP.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon hits theaters this June 29.