Windcharger Now At the TCC Club Store!

{mosimage} Has Reveal the Shield Scout Windcharger become an impossible to find grail for you? If so, the Transformers Collectors' Club has a new option for those that crave to complete their G1 line-up for Classics/Universe/Generations! Head over to the Club Store and check out their new pre-order pages for sets of 6 Scouts, including the nearly unobtainable Windcharger! *Update* They've added sets of Deluxes with Warpath now as well!

Windcharger, Chopsaw, Sunspot, Breacher, Backfire, and Firetrap
Windcharger, Chopsaw, Sunspot, Breacher, Backfire, and Insecticon
Warpath and Scourge
Warpath and Kup

You can discuss these order pages here!


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