TakaraTomy UA-01 Jetwing Optimus Prime Revealed!!!

{mosimage}A few weeks back we reported on a new listing regarding an upcoming Dark of the Moon figure UA-01 Jetwing Optimus Prime.  Speculation ran rampant on what the figure would be.  Most fans figured it was going to be an updated version of the Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire and Optimus Prime combination, but a recent image from Autobase Aichi reveals otherwise.  The new image shows that the item is indeed based on the Dark of the Moon Jet Pack Combination Optimus Prime is shown wearing in the first official trailer for Dark of the Moon.  Unlike Hasbro's upcoming Ultimate Optimus Prime, this figure looks to go for as much screen accurate representation in the combined robot form rather than the functionality of a combined robot and truck trailer.  No word on whether this Jetwing Optimus Prime's attachments transform or not, or whether or not it will be released by Hasbro.  Also unlike the Ultimate Optimus Prime, Jetwing Optimus Prime looks to use the popular Revenge of the Fallen Leader sized Optimus Prime.

**UPDATE** thanks to Allspark member SwiftEagle and his wife Quez, we now have information that this Optimus Prime pictured is actually a black redeco of the the upcoming Jetwing Optimus Prime as part of TakaraTomy's next raffle similar to the Family Mart prizes last year (like Clear Leader RotF Optimus, clean Animated Deluxe Optimus, and Activator Skywarp).  Besides the Black Optimus Redeco there is a clear Human Alliance Bumblebee, what looks like a Green Cyberverse Ironhide, and a clear Cyberverse Optimus Prime (among other items).

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