TakaraTomy Dark of the Moon Wave 3 Listings

{mosimage}catz of TFW2005 has some new listings of the upcoming TakaraTomy Dark of the Moon figures.  No word yet on whether these figures will see release from Hasbro, but it's safe to assume it will be very likely.  Most interesting among the listings is a Voyager sized Sentinel Prime, Deluxe Skywarp, and the Human Alliance Basic figures will come with pre-established human characters from the movie franchise rather than new to the movie human pilots.

T/F DA21 THREE WHEELED MOTORCYCLE w/SAM (Scout-Class Human Alliance)
T/F DA22 GUN DRONE w/LENNOX (Scout-Class Human Alliance)
T/F DA23 DUNE BUGGY w/EPPS (Scout-Class Human Alliance)

T/F DD09 JET (Deluxe)
T/F DD10 SKYWARP (Deluxe)
T/F DD11 SNOW MOBILE w/VILLAN (Scout-Class Human Alliance)

T/F CV12 OPTIMUS PRIME w/Mech Suit (Cyberverse w/ playset)
T/F CV13 MEGATRON (Cyberverse w/ playset)
T/F CV14 POWERGLIDE w/Missiles (Scout/Commander)
T/F CV15 BLACKOUT w/Blades (Scout/Commander)
T/F CV16 RATCHET (Cyberverse)
T/F CV17 SPONSORED CAR #3 (Cyberverse)

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