New Dark of the Moon Exclusive Figures!

{mosimage}Red Leader of Kapow Toys has listings for some upcoming Dark of the Moon Walmart and Target Exclusives.  Among the listed is a Deluxe Optimus and Space Case (G2 colored HftD Terradive with a newly tooled head)!  Check out the listings below, and discuss them on our forums.

Deluxe Case 1 – 2 of each – July 17th
Jazz with Cybertronian Tattoos ( black redeco ) | Arcee with Cybertronian Tattoos
Bumblebee with Cybertronian Tattoos | Space Case (Terradive with new Headsculpt)

Deluxe Solid Case x 8 – June 23rd
Deluxe Optimus Prime

Deluxe Case 2 June 23rd
Bumblebee – Movie 1 Redeco x 5 | Sideswipe – Nascar redeco x 3

Voyager Case 1 – June 23rd
Starscream – ROTF Redeco | Ratchet – ROTF Redeco