Million Publishing Generations 2011 Exclusive Stepper!!!

{mosimage}Generations/United fans rejoice, Million Publishing's Exclusive Transformers Generations 2011 figure has been revealed, and it's a doozy!  Announcing Transformers United Stepper with Nightstick!!!  Just like the original this figure is a redeco of Jazz (this time the Reveal the Shield/United figure) in black, white, and gold!  Amazingly enough he also comes with an exclusive Nightstick figure, who was previously gang-molded to Universe/Henkei Cyclonus!!  No word on if Stepper (known as Ricochet in the United States) will be available from Hasbro, and if he is if he'll include Nightstick.  Like previous exclusives this figure is likely only available to residents in Japan who mail away a coupon included with Transformers Generations 2011 book.

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