Hasbro GI Joe Q&A Round 1 Answers!

{mosimage} Hasbro has sent back theiranswers for the first round of their 2011 GI Joe Q&A!

Allspark: Given the upcoming Skystriker release, are their any other classic vehicles you would like to restore or revisit in the modern era (please give examples)?

Hasbro: The Sky Striker is a perfect fit for the 30th anniversary line.  However, we do love our vehicles here at Hasbro, and we would love to revisit other classics if the demand is there and if it fits into our larger strategy.  Unfortunately, we cannot cite examples.

AS: Fans have noticed the so-called "Ross phenomenon", in which so many items – be they previously considered canceled such as the RoC Polar Sharc, Lava Pod and Tiger Rat or in some cases brand new such as the PoC Black HISS and VAMP – appear to by-pass the large, "first tier" retailers completely. Without delving into too many specifics, can you give a brief statement and/or insight on the forces behind this relatively small chain of stores receiving these figures and vehicles, and how/if they will effect the brand going forward?

H: Marketing a toy line has a lot of challenges. The "Ross phenomenon" is one of the challenges. As you know, the Rise of Cobra line did not perform as well as expected. As a result, many of the RoC toys ended up being marked down at places like Ross. The buyer for Ross clearly has a love for G.I. Joe and was willing to take excess inventory. However, this is not part of any strategy. Ideally we would like our mainline retailers to have the newest product available in all markets.

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