e-Hobby United 3 Packs Out in Japan!

{mosimage}masabon of TFW2005 has received his e-Hobby Exclusive Transformers United Autobot 3 Pack.  This version contains a Tech Spec/Bio & Text Story booklet advertised on e-Hobby's website.  As speculated like other e-Hobby releases (confirmed by TransFan2), the Hong Kong release of the United 3 Packs does not contain the Tech Spec/Bio & Text Story booklet (which is shipping from some online retailers).  It is also believed that the Hong Kong version of the 3 packs do not contain the Rodimus and Galvatron pins, but that has yet to be confirmed.  So fans who ordered the e-Hobby versions from Japan rather than the Hong Kong versions have a little extra to look forward to.

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