‘DOTM’: Moon Landing Twist, Linkin Park, Trailer Date, SPOILER, & More!

{mosimage}Catching up on QUITE a bit of Transformers: Dark of the Moon news!

First up, finally confirming that Linkin Park's "Iridescent" will be used in the film! Band member Mike Shinoda has confirmed it at their blog, although it's a shorter version, which you can listen here.

Second, two new promo pics! ComingSoon.net has one of Optimus while Collider has Sentinel's!

Third, the release date for the next trailer! Director Michael Bay has dropped word at the Shoot For The Edit board that it'll be with Fast Five, which will be on the big screen on April 29, 2011. The 3D trailer will be attached with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, May 20, 2011. He's also commented on the post process, noting that they "got going 6 months earlier" when compared to Revenge of the Fallen.

Fourth, Imaginary Forces, the folks behind the transforming logo for all three films, has updated their archive, which includes other projects they've worked for in the past.

Fifth, News.com.au has posted up an article with producer Lorenzo de Bonaventura commenting on how Dark of the Moon will take its own spin on the moon landing conspiracy theories.

Finally, Hitfix has a sneak peek at the plot of the third Transformers film. Beware! It can be quite spoilerish, so read at your own risk.

Sound off all of your thoughts at our movie forum! Transformers: Dark of the Moon hits US theaters July 1, 2011.