“Dark of the Moon” Game Prologue Demo

{mosimage}Curious about the Transformers: Dark of the Moon prologue game on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? Sean Miller, game director from High Moon Studios, shared a bit with Gamespot! Miller notes that the game starts out several months before DOTM, and Bumblebee is the first one to start out the story playing more as a warrior than a scout. The video shows Optimus and Sideswipe backing Bumblebee up, as well Bumblebee showcasing the Stealth Force aspect of the vehicle mode, as well gameplay where Ironhide is the playable character (actually using his cannons as a form of speed boost while in truck!). Those that played "War for Cybertron" may be pleased that the gameplay style demonstrated is quite similar, however each levels is focused on each specific character.

Watch the entire video at Gamespot! Dark of the Moon game hits shelves June 14, 2011.