Transformers Dark Of The Moon Cyberverse Action Set Optimus Prime And Megatron Bios

{mosimage}Toy reviewer Peaugh has posted the bios for Cyberverse Action Set Optimus Prime And Megatron on fellow Transformers fansite TFW2005.

Optimus Prime
“Optimus Prime turns his Armored Weapons Platform when his Energon Blades can’t quite cut it. The strike base is equipped with weapons far more powerful than the handheld variety he usually wields. The Armored Weapons Platform also converts to a mechanical exosuit if mobility enhancement is required. Decepticon foes beware – Optimus Prime has become even more powerful.”

“Few Autobots have ever seriously challenged Megatron and his fusion cannon. Far fewer will dare challenge him when the Blastwave Weapons Base is deployed. This powerful piece of weaponry is equipped with the latest generation Decepticon particle blasters and multiple missile pods. The base’s jet mode allows Megatron to swoop from battle to battle, leaving Autobot scrap in his wake.”