IDW Comics: Infestation TPB, Ongoing #17 Preview, iPod/iPad/iPhone Releases

{mosimage}IDW releases in both book and digital forms! First up, Ongoing #16 and Transformers: Infestation #1 on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch! Second is the Infestation TPB listing at Amazon, slated for $19.99 and release date scheduled for July 19, 2011. Lastly, Ongoing #17 preview up at Newsarama! Megatron delivers an ultimatum to Optimus and things aren't looking all that peachy on the Autobots' side. Covers by Nick Roche and Marcelo Matere, with Matere providing a retail incentive cover featuring Soundwave! Ongoing #17 hits shelves tomorrow, March 9, 2011, and sound off at our thread!