Hyper Hobby April 2011 Scans

{mosimage}Thanks to masabon of TFW2005 we now have scans of the April 2011 issues of Hyper Hobby!  Like the recent issue of Figure King this issue covers Transformers United Wave 4 (Wheeljack, Frenzy & Rumble, Scourge, and G2 Optimus), Dark of the Moon Voyager Optimus and Deluxe Bumblebee, United Micron Targetmasters Spoilsport & Caliburst, as well as the Kabaya Gaiacross kits and the recent Kabaya Gum kits including the upcoming wave with Super Ginrai, God Bomber, and Henkei Starscream.  Note some of the United figures are not final or are their Generations counterparts.

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