Hasbro Children’s Hospital Charity Gala Event 2011 Summary

{mosimage}I again had the privilege and the honor of representing my fellow Allsparkers at the Hasbro Children's Hospital Gala Event.  Many members of our boards donated their money, totaling $6,358.98, for a very worthy cause; the Hasbro Children's Hospital.

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http://www.allspark.com/images/stories/Hasbro_Gala_2011_2.JPGI again had the privilege of attending the Hasbro Children's Hospital Gala even on Saturday March 5, 2011.  Like last year this event was held at the Providence Convention Center in the center of Providence, Rhode Island. It was a black tie (or should I say red tie) event, drawing in some of New England's best and most generous. 

My lovely girlfriend Jen and I arrived at the Providence Convention Center.  The whole upper floor of the convention center was decorated with the Elmo tuxedo theme, with black and red balloons and other themed assorted decorations every where. 

http://www.allspark.com/images/stories/Hasbro_Gala_2011_1.JPGThe event began at 5:30 PM starting with Hors d'Ouevres including sushi, mini-cheeseburgers, and mozzarella.  There were also stations with a wide variety of assorted mixed drinks.  As like last year there were bag games where people could win up to 4 'dollars', with each purchasing a board game for a child currently staying at Hasbro Childrens' Hospital.  This time the goal of the game was to get up to 4 bean bags into the a designated hole.  As my girlfriend and arrived a little later than some, by the time we played the any shots we missed automatically counted as a shot in, earning us 4 'dollars' each to put towards getting patients at Hasbro Children's Hospital game boards as well as chance of winning a two night stay at a luxury hotel inside of Rhode Island.

http://www.allspark.com/images/stories/Hasbro_Gala_2011_5.JPGAs we entered into the main dining hall, the very same hall that was the Dealer Room at BotCon 2007, we arrived at our table to introduce ourselves to Mr. SolarStorm and his wife Maria, Dr Spengler, and our old friend (and Gala veteran) Skunkobot and his date Audrey.  Also seated at the table were two very nice ladies from, I believe, Essex Newbury North Contracting Corporation.

http://www.allspark.com/images/stories/Hasbro_Gala_2011_6.JPGWhen we arrived at our table our first course was waiting for us, Tomato Basil Soup.  The soup was exquisite, we also had a very elegant salad as well as assorted chips, breads, and dip.  The spread was great.  Servers were walking around asking attendees if they wanted a glass of champagne and wine.

The night's events began with the Rhode Island Children's Chorus.  Our host from last year Karen Adams, news anchor on Eyewitness News WPRI 12, retired back in December of 2010, so fellow new anchor Patrick Little, also of Eyewitness New WPRI 12, filled in as event host.  Patrick introduced Timothy Babineau, MD, President and CEO of Rhode Island Hospital and Miram Hospital.

http://www.allspark.com/images/stories/Hasbro_Gala_2011_7.JPGPatrick also introduced one of our guests of honor, Elmo from Sesame Street!  Elmo, of course, was played by the impeccable Kevin Clash.  Elmo had a clip to show us of his recent visit to Hasbro Children's Hospital.  In it we saw Elmo visiting several patients as well as him taking a tour of the latest advancements in their state of the art ambulances.  These ambulances feature a DVD Player as well as images of several Hasbro children's favorites within the interior of the ambulance to help make it's emergency occupants feel as safe and as at home as possible.

http://www.allspark.com/images/stories/Hasbro_Gala_2011_4.JPGWe then heard the heart warming story of Amanda Robidoux, her family, and 'Team Panda'.  Amanda was like any other young girl, fun loving and energetic.  One day while at the beach she collapsed and needed mouth to mouth resuscitation.  Amanda remained in a coma for months, when one day her eyes opened.  Since then it's been a long battle, but thanks to her team of doctors and nurses, dubbed 'Team Panda' after Amanda's nickname, she's on the road to recovery.  Though it'll be a long and difficult journey, she'll always have those people at Hasbro Children's Hospital by her side.  

Then began the Live Auction and Giving Opportunity, with the very fast talking Paul Zekos of The Zekos Group as the auctioneer.  Up for auction were several items and experiences including an internship at Hasbro, a voice over role on Pound Puppies, and Boston Red Sox VS New York Yankees tickets.

Next up was dinner with sliced roast tenderloin of beef and Yukon Gold & Sweet Potato Au Gratin.  After dinner we had the Tiffany & Co reveal, were event guests were able to purchase a gift bag that contained a elegant necklace with one lucky winner winning a diamond encrusted necklace.  We then heard from Lawrence Aubin, Sr, Chairman of the Rhode Island Hospital Board of Trustees, and Maureen and Dolph Johnson, the Event Co-Chairs.  In which they thanked the Platinum, Gold, and Silver Donators as well as the Sponsors.

http://www.allspark.com/images/stories/Hasbro_Gala_2011_8.JPGBrian Goldner, President and CEO of Hasbro, then  took the stage, talking about all the good this hospital does for all it's patients and how happy he is about the turn out for the Gala.  He then wanted to make special note of a group of people, he mentioned how there was a new Transformers movie coming out this year (showing a promotional image of Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime on the projection screen), and that there was a special group of people (brought together by Transformers) that rallied together and donated almost $6,400!  That special group of people was from the Allspark.com, and he wanted to give special thanks and recognition (followed by a lot of hollering by all the members of our table) by meeting our donations and donating another $6,400!!!  What an honor not only to be mentioned specifically for our donations, but more importantly for Brian Goldner and Hasbro to meet out donations!  It was truly an honor and one of the most memorable and proud moments of the night for me.  I was speechless.

http://www.allspark.com/images/stories/Hasbro_Gala_2011_9.JPGBrian was joined by Elmo, and they both introduced the other guest of honor Colbie Caillat!  Colbie Caillat sang with Elmo, dedicating the first song to Amanda Robidoux.  Colbie than sang many of her upcoming and popular hits.  Many of the gala attendees got on the dance floor as they busted a move to Colbie's songs.  After performing a few songs, Colbie came out for one last encore song, her popular hit "Bubbly".

http://www.allspark.com/images/stories/Hasbro_Gala_2011_10.JPGAfter Colbie left the stage, some guests were allowed to go back to the VIP lounge for an opportunity to meet Colbie Caillat and Kevin Clash.  In the spirit of giving the two ladies sitting next to us gave my girlfriend and I their VIP passes and we were able to meet Colbie and eat ice cream with Kevin.

After the VIP lounge, Skunkobot, Audrey, Mr. & Mrs SolarStorm, my girlfriend and I all got on the dance floor and got funky to the tunes of SOHO.  As always they put on a great performance performing many modern hits. 

The event came to a close at midnight, as the event goers left with a smile on their face and wonderful sense of giving. 

http://www.allspark.com/images/stories/Hasbro_Gala_2011_11.JPGI'm extremely thankful again to Hasbro Children's Hospital, Hasbro & Brian Goldner, Colbie Caillat & Kevin Clash, and all the sponsors of the event.  Even more so I'm thankful to each and every person that donated on behalf of the Allspark and that I was able to represent them again at the Gala event.  For that I feel privileged, and I thank you.

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