e-Hobby United 3 Packs Comic to Include Universe Style Bios, Plus New Text Stories!

{mosimage}The collector's that preordered the Transformers United e-Hobby Exclusive 3 Packs are in store for an extra treat when they receive their sets.  Included in the packed in comic are Universe style biographies and tech specs for each figure!  As you may recall the Autobot 3 Pack features Clear Blue Hot Rodimus, Damaged Kup, & Scrapheap while the Decepticon set features clear versions of Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge! 

Also updated on our forums is the 8th installment of the e-Hobby United Text Story.  In one of the latest text stories it gives hint that Cyclonus was originally created from Skywarp and Scourge from Thundercracker (via their inherited super powers) .  Will this put an end to the speculation of who became Cyclonus, or only further the fan debate?

You can discuss the United e-Hobby Bios here and the United e-Hobby Text Stories here.