“Dark of the Moon” Toys List

{mosimage}Toys, toys, toys! Hasbro has updated their toy website for the Dark of the Moon line on revealing a new figure each week! Today's figure was Voyager Optimus, March 22 will see Deluxe Bumblebee, Deluxe Ratchet on March 29, April 5 is Deluxe Starscream's day, April 12 for Voyager Megatron, Ironhide on April 19, and Leader class Sentinel Prime on May 3, 2011. These aren't the figures' release dates, just teasers. Click on the "Go" and make sure to have a pair of red-blue 3D glasses handy.

Second, paulzhong of ACToys has photos of what MIGHT be the Deluxe Nitro Bumblebee that we saw in a toy list leak earlier.

And third, Japanese online store Red Mercury has picture listings of in-package Mechtech Leader Bumblebee and Mechtech Leader Sentinel!

Possible Nitro Bumblebee?