BotCon 2011 Primus & Iacon Packages Now Sold Out!!!

{mosimage}That's right fans, in less than a week the 5 figure convention set for BotCon 2011 (which was said to be produced in the highest numbers thus far) is now Sold Out!  There's what Brian Savage of the Fun Publications had to say about the matter:

BotCon Primus and Iacon and loose packages are now all sold out!  

That's right, it took just a little over 5 days for all of the toy packages to be gone!

If you tried to place an order before today and your order went to our incomplete file, no worries as we have pulled enough sets to cover all of the incompletes.  If we have any sets left after we work the incompletes, we will put them back into inventory.  We will let you know if this happens, and it won't be for a couple of weeks.  There will not be anymore Iacon (non-attending sets).

Also, we will not be keeping a waiting list.

Please note that we are in the middle of GIJoeCon in Florida so we won't be working the incomplete files until after April 9. 

You can discuss the news on our forums.