Transformers United Wave 4 Stock Photos

{mosimage}For months the majority of Transformers United Wave 4 (consisting of Rumble & Frenzy, Wheeljack, G2 Optimus, and Scourge) have consisted of photos of the Hasbro versions (even of figures that at the time were not yet announced).  Well that has changed now, has updated their website with actual product photos of TakaraTomy United UN-19 Wheeljack, UN-21 Scourge, and UN-22 G2 Optimus!  Wheeljack features different details in car mode as well as a metallic green, Scourge has some plastic and detail changes, notably metallic blue paint in robot mode as well as red eyes, while G2 Optimus features clear blue instead of orange and a vehicle mode colored to more closely match the original G2 Laster Optimus Prime.  Note:  The official TakaraTomy stock photos of UN-20 Frenzy & Rumble have been available for months now.

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