TakaraTomy DotM UA-01 Jetwing Optimus Prime?!

{mosimage}Red Leader of Kapow Toys has found an interesting solicitation for an upcoming TakaraTomy Dark of the Moon figure, it's Jetwing Optimus Prime!  The figure is priced at 12000 yen and is described as a Leader sized figure.  Included with the solicitation was a photo of the canceled Unite for the Universe Voyager sized Optimus Prime.  You may remember this figure was the original 2007 Movie Voyager Optimus Prime with Jetfire parts used for the Jet Powered robot mode as well as a new Jet Powered truck mode.  Is this new Leader sized Jetwing Optimus Prime the same idea as the Unite for the Universe figure only applied to the (Revenge of the Fallen) Leader sized figure?

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